"Most people loved Gram; she left them with their dignity."

-From Torn Hearts

"How do you know I'm trying to win someone's heart?"

-From Calling Me Home

"Why couldn't Daniel be like that? Why couldn't he see how much I longed to be held, desired? Why couldn't he look at me the way Pete did?"

-From Torn Hearts

"I'm so sorry I added to your pain instead of helping you through it."

-From Calling Me Home

"If this was the end of the marriage, I'd rather not hear from him. I could bury the pain better with his silence."

-From Torn Hearts

"She needs you now."

-From Calling Me Home


Friday, February 7, 2014

Welcome, 2014!

This Spring I will be releasing my fourth book, Beyond My Father's Sins. It is planned to be a three book series. It is a Suspense/Thriller Romance loaded with drama. In truth it blurs the clean lines of classification and is relationship-based on many levels. Here's a blurb to enjoy until the release date. Nora Hayes loathes her drunk, abusive father. He has been a tormentor to her and her little brother, Justus ever since he ran their mother off when Nora was only nine. Craving escape from the suffocating small town she lives in, Nora arranges to have her musically talented brother to live with his piano teacher, Mrs. Dean when she enlists into the Army. Her skills are noted by the CIA and she is recruited once her enlistment is up. As she struggles upon her return with her increasing rage toward her father, her guilt for leaving Justus and his leaving for Juilliard, and the decision to accept the CIA's offer, she is asked out by Devon, country boy and cutie of their high school senior class. Devon introduces her to a word she has only watched from the sidelines in the past and Nora wonders if she can have a normal life. Deciding she can't turn down the CIA offer, Nora attempts to have it all, love, career, and family, all hidden behind half-truths and deception. Her two worlds collide when she is assigned to infiltrate a terrorist cell within a Kenyan Ambassador's home on faulty intelligence. Her priority quickly changes from the Ambassador as a target to protecting him and his son. Her drunkard father becomes tangled in the middle and she learns she never really knew him at all. Her world further crumbles around her and the soldier within keeps her pushing forward, seeking justice. Her CIA partner, Ian attempts to help her piece together the puzzle of her life, but she doesn't trust him and suspects he is the mole within the CIA. Nora's conflicting emotions between Ian and Devon only give credence to why she prefers to be alone and work alone. With lives on the line, Nora must learn to trust more than just herself.

CaSondra Poulsen

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